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The concept of a. leads to some problems of assessment, especially in relation to the term anxiety which is often treated as such. The a. can be defined as a state of mental and physical suffering characterized by a widespread fear, by feelings of insecurity and impending misfortune, accompanied by physical sensations of tightness in the chest and other neurovegetative manifestations, biochemical, endocrinological and behavioral characteristics which result in an acceleration of the rate heart failure, in vasomotor disturbances in respiratory disorders, changes in muscle tone and more. The Latins had already made a distinction in the definition of a.: The deadline may be, in fact, translated anxietas, sollicitudo and angina. On the one hand, the terms and anxietas sollicitudo are highlighted trends in man to the fear of the unknown, anxiety, worry, but also the tendency to meticulous care, the obsessive thought. On the other hand, the noun angina indicates the physical sensation of constriction, narrowing, pain, according to the Greek derivation of the verb anko (tighten). The conceptualization of the term. can not do without, moreover, that Freud did use the term Angst in different contexts. In what is considered the definitive psychoanalytic theory of a., The author distinguishes an A.. signal (Signalangst), alarm mechanism that warns the ego of a threat that dominates his balance, and an A.. primary (primre Angst), which is the emotion that accompanies the disintegration of the ego. The function of a. signal is to ensure that a. primary is not proven, putting the ego can establish defensive measures. In this context, the German word Angst seems to imply inextricably ideas., Fear and pain. Freud also distinguishes a neurosis of a. Which, unlike the transference neurosis, is a neurosis current, ie not determined by conflicts of childhood, but by current conflicts due to the accumulation of somatic sexual tension that, for lack of psychic elaboration, fails to bind to any representative content and therefore translates into somatic symptoms typical of a. (Dyspnea, heart problems, dizziness etc.). The hysteria of a., Also called a. phobic neurosis differs from a. as it translates directly into somatic symptoms, but is subjected to a psychic work that binds to. places or people they test phobia. The a. castration is, finally, the signal experienced by the child as a threat to their desire to possess the mother and as a sign of impairment of the child who, in Freudian theory, marks the end and the overcoming of the Oedipus complex. The a. is explicitly addressed in philosophy, in this century, in relation to the analysis of the human condition in the world. Kierkegaard, in the work of 1844 The concept of Anguish, conceives it as the feeling that proves the man in front of a life that is as indeterminate possibility that lurks always the alternative of death. The a., According Heiddegger, is the emotional state that allows one to realize the two aspects of his being in the world: the inauthentic existence, the way of day to day life, anonymous, based on it is said, and the existence authentic, based on the recognition instead of the true structure of being, which is the void or its ultimate form and radical death. The a. does not give the man a purpose other than those that are proposed in his daily existence makes him see only the meaningless and void of such purposes. In psychiatry, the term is used to indicate a state of heightened anxiety with somatic component: even when anxiety becomes pathological levels is considered a symptom, not a disease in itself. Therefore, it can be present in various psychopathological conditions, the pictures are the ones where there is more of the family of anxiety disorders or psychosomatic. It speaks of a. as a signal of experiences of loss (real or fantasy works of love or self-esteem) as part of mood disorders and, in particular, depression.

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