Diatribe anxiety

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Diatribe anxiety

Post  counselor on Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:14 am

Many say: << accept it. Key is to accept to be anxious, also part of our genetic makeup. To accomplish this, you are consenting to receive your addiction. Accept it greeted her. On the contrary, dimenandovi to combat it, able only to amplify it. Instead, let it flow. You can not go up a river going upstream. >>

But my truth is that there is no river. The river is a simple sleight of hand, an illusion of the mind.
How many speak of anxiety, depression and suicide without ever trying them? As a famous director said, "you can not be good actors if you have experienced the pain." How else could play her?
The same applies to those who have studied these diseases as well as diseases of the mind, without ever having tested the devastating presence. Personally I think anyone who has experienced loneliness, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, can understand better than anyone else who tries this pain inside. Therefore I am convinced that whoever is left out of a story like this can become a wonderful therapist. Clearly, I do not speak in an absolute sense.

Anyway, it certainly is good to be able to recognize its faults, so if it is to admit to being anxious, ok. So be it. But I'm not agree to "accept the anxiety." You want to talk about how I get mine.
Well, until a few years ago, I was more anxious among human beings that could exist on earth. You could see it right away. Especially in the university, my colleagues had to say "... and calm down please, no anxiety."
I destabilizzavo for trifles, such as the need to pack put me anxiety because I did not know where to start. Failure to find an address while I was alone in the street, made me tremble with fear. Having to take an exam, do not talk about. Tragedy in the pure state. Although I studied everything. Even though I had a full preparation, I was vomiting blood for the anxiety I felt incredible. That was my answer to anyone who asks me that I had during the exam, "I'm throwing up the soul." Well ... That was me!
Then one day began turning ...
In practice, my boyfriend was always close during my anxiety attacks, both physically and vocally when we were not together. It always gave me so many intelligent advice. So smart that I began involuntarily to listen to, and implemented gradually. More than QUESTIONS recommendations were him I was and that I could not answer. This failure to respond led me to think, to understand that it had to be very logical my anxiety and therefore did not have a foundation. Thanks to him I learned to reason logically against the irrationality of anxiety and I started winning battles against it.
Let me give you an example: I was alone, far from home, with a suitcase in hand. I was looking for the apartment where I was going to stay, but I could not find the way. As soon as I realized that I could not find the way, and that none of the locals seemed to know, I had an attack of anxiety. Are immediately entered into a panic. I was going crazy and I felt like crying. I quickly call my boyfriend. The aggredisco the phone. The scream that I can not find the way. And he managed to stay calm (and do not send me to hell), begins to give me directions. His voice calm and quiet helped me not to be doubly afraid, because if his voice was alarmed due to my situation would have been worse for me, do not you think! But no. He was quiet and made me realize that the situation was under control. Meanwhile, however, still did not find the way and I became more and more anxious. He told me "turn right, there is the way, I see it on google maps." And I replied that there was no way on the right. That there was a wall that could not stop. Then he begins to tell me to calm down, that this way exists and that you just need to find it, calmly. I was dying and he was like "... and even if you had not? What would happen?" I dumb. Him, "If you do not see this path, you can safely call the landlord and let yourself be picked up by him at the point where you are. And if he does not answer you, you have enough money to go to the hotel! Certainly, do not stay in the middle of the street! If you finish in the hotel have a rest and then continue the search tomorrow. " Perhaps to many it may seem stupid, but helped me so much. To conclude the example, I found the way I wanted and also the apartment.
Returning to me. His interrogation, not only in that circumstance, but also in all the others, has helped me to work on myself. A sbarellare anxiety combating it with logical interrogation. This has a lot of Freudian, do not you think? Even at university I began to reap the benefits. As for the tests to be supported, I wondered to myself. I thought, "... my problem is to not be afraid to pass the exam, well what would happen, even when, not if I spent? Nothing!'d Wait next month! A more months will not be a great sacrifice because knowledge I do not run away from the mind of some, also I would be more prepared now, and finally I'd still be more sure of myself because back from the previous examination. " These are just examples, but you understand where I'm going? Then they can talk in more detail, the game is always this! Question and ask logical questions! For this to work, however, it is also important to the people around us! For example, I have always been anxious because I "learned" from mine. People extremely anxious and anxiety-provoking ... -_- !
I do not know, I hope my words may be useful in some way. Certainly we can continue talking.
It 's all for today_

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