By anguish to the symptom, according to Freud

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By anguish to the symptom, according to Freud Empty By anguish to the symptom, according to Freud

Post  counselor on Thu Nov 07, 2013 4:22 am

Freud formulated what was then known as the theory of hydraulic drives and that later will be better defined as a dynamic theory . In essence it is assumed the human mind with its biological basis that requires attention continuously according to those who are his basic needs, needs , therefore, that humans share with other animals . We're talking about eating and drinking , sleep , reproduce. The whole set according to the amount of the right kind of hormones in the body. As in humans , unlike most other animals , the hormones that allow the coupling are almost always in a circle , here , once they meet the most urgent needs such as feed themselves or drink , the search for erotic stimuli more or less is something that is always present.
To better understand the dynamic theory you can think about this as the biological basis of the mind to something that produces a special life energy that Freud thought of calling libido (desire) . Probably up to this point still there is a big difference between man and his animal cousins ​​. Only that man has in a thing makes it really very different from other animals : language.
Until not long ago we were discussing whether it is the judgment that brought the language or the opposite. Well one of the biggest supporters of modern psychoanalysis , J. Lacan , had no doubt about it , going so far as to argue that the unconscious is essentially a linguistic place .
So , what ever may happen when it is the mind itself , which contains a biological basis (libido to meet basic needs ) , to provide both these urges both at the same time , even linguistic tools to hold the reins ? When we dream the unconscious produces everything ! He does everything ! Create symbols , displacements, condensations of meanings, associations formulating new each time. For the most part these associations remain unconscious , but no less active . And sometimes, as Freud says , when some drives are unacceptable , the mind transforms the meanings , which can add up and translate , combined in various ways .
According to the dynamic theory , the end result of a desire unacceptable results with the fear it ! Born ie an irrational fear of a , for example, animal or object harmless , sparking in us the phobia ! It 's like saying I love you I can not >> have >> then I fear you . The " then " that is the result , it could be phobia , according to the dynamical theory , but it could be anything else, such as hatred , for example .
Psychoanalysis pays much attention to those behaviors that defines nevrotici.A Sometimes it happens that we find ourselves living a life that actually has never belonged or which no longer belongs to . When they happen to choose a job that initially was able to electrify , but then gradually no longer a genius , when you get married because you're in love and then after a while ' time things change, because happens ? One reason , says the psychoanalysis could be that you have made ​​some choices for the wrong reasons . Since the human being has to deal with a kind of permanent anguish , ingrained , the individual chooses sometimes more for pulse counter this anguish for a real desire . A little ' as if it were a fairy tale that is told . And when it happens that the facts of real life that happen are not consistent with the story , its plot of the story begins to unravel , and here that anxiety is reared , and our unconscious to cover this primary anxiety creates the symptom.

Until not long ago , psychoanalysis was panic attacks , like any other symptom , in the same way that a doctor could look at the thermometer that measures the temperature of the patient who wants to be treated influence . He was primarily interested in what gives rise to this symptom and supports it , that is the context in which the neurotic subject is trova.Oggi the analyst's attention is mostly changed with respect to the symptom , but this is still seen as a means that the patient has to go to analyze the root causes that cause the symptom may insorgere.Dunque analytic investigation starts from symptom to go to fathom the deeper psyche through the contents of their subject and , depending on its structure and therefore what the reason underlying the attacks, there will be a certain type of trend analysis, and a particular mode of the course of the symptom. It is said that an analysis carried it takes years . This is certainly true for those that are implicit targets of psychoanalysis, but often does not apply to the symptom that leads in the first instance to undertake an analytical path . Panic attacks , resulting in what 's called the Diagnostic Manual of panic disorder, for example, are a symptom that tends to have a relatively short life cycle , in the context of psychotherapy , if taken in its particular dynamics.

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