Prevent suicide, what to do if you think a loved one to suicide

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Prevent suicide, what to do if you think a loved one to suicide Empty Prevent suicide, what to do if you think a loved one to suicide

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Prevent suicide, what to do if you think a loved one to suicide

Any act or threat of suicide should be taken seriously. Although some suicides attempted or successful constitute a surprise and a shock to family and close acquaintances, in most cases they are sent clear warnings, usually family members, friends, medical staff or volunteers of the centers of emergency prevention of suicide, they offer a 24 hour service on 24 to people in need. Volunteers try to identify the person who might commit suicide, maintain the conversation, evaluate the risk and offer aid to the immediate problems, usually come in contact with others (family, doctors, police) for urgent assistance during the crisis , trying to start the person at risk of suicide to appropriate facilities for the care of follow-up. Although this is a rational approach to help individuals at risk for suicide, there are significant data to suggest that it will reduce its incidence.

On average, physicians meet every year in clinical practice 6 or more patients at risk of suicide. More than half of people who commit suicide have consulted their doctor in the months immediately preceding and at least 20% had to undergo psychiatric treatment during the previous year. Because depression is often involved in suicide, its recognition and its treatment are the most important contribution that a doctor can give to its prevention.

Every depressed patient should be questioned carefully about possible suicidal thoughts. The fear that such an investigation, even if done in decent shape and involved, the patient may inculcate the idea of ​​self-destruction, is unfounded. The interview can help the doctor to get a clearer picture of the severity of the patient's depression, encourage constructive discussion and reassure the patient that the physician understands his deep despair. The rating scales for depression (eg., The Beck Depression Inventory) can help you determine whether suicide is a real risk.

The risk of suicide increases early in the treatment of depression, when there is an improvement of the downturn and indecision, but the depressed mood is still present, or only partially attenuated. Initial results of the treatment, therefore, can make the patient to make for more effective self-destruction. The psychoactive drugs should be prescribed with caution and in controlled amounts. Insomnia may be a symptom of depression, and if so is, treat it with hypnotic without treating the underlying depression is not only ineffective but also dangerous.

In individuals who threaten suicide imminent (eg., A patient who says they are going to take a lethal dose of barbiturate or threatening to jump from the top), the desire to die is often ambivalent and passenger. The physician or other person that the person seeking help must support his desire to live. The person threatening suicide is in the midst of a crisis and should be offered the hope of a resolution. The psychological help in an emergency situation involves the establishment of a relationship and open communication with the person remind their identity (ie, repeatedly calling him by name) to help analyze the problem that caused the crisis; provide constructive help for the problem, encourage them to take positive action, reminding him that his family and friends are worried about him and want to help him.

If a person calls saying he has already made a suicidal gesture (eg., Who took a drug or open the gas) or about to do so, you should get her address, if possible. Another person should immediately contact the police to trace the call and groped a rescue, while suicide is retained on the phone until the police arrive.

For patients who have attempted suicide, an appropriate subsequent treatment of psychiatric and social security is the best way to reduce the repeated attempts and successful ones. Should be performed a psychiatric evaluation.

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