The warning signs of those contemplating suicide

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The warning signs of those contemplating suicide Empty The warning signs of those contemplating suicide

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The warning signs of those contemplating suicide

Suicide is rarely a pulse due to an immediate decision. During the days and hours before the suicide, generally appear clues and warning signs.

The strongest signals and detectors of a disorder are verbal ones - "I can not go on like this", "I do not care about anything anymore" or "I'm thinking of ending it." Certain expressions should always be taken seriously.
Other common warning signs include:

- Becoming depressed or withdrawn
- Behaving recklessly
- Put affairs in order and giving away valued possessions
- Showing a marked change in behavior, attitudes or appearance
- Abusing drugs, medicines or alcohol
- To suffer great losses or emotional changes in life

Below we list other examples of conditions or behaviors that may be signs that someone is contemplating suicide. Of course, in most cases, these situations do not lead to suicide, but generally, more signals shows a person, the higher the risk of suicide.

Have suffered sexual or physical abuse
Having a family history of suicide, and violence
Have suffered the death of a close friend or family member
Be were getting a divorce or separation, or the end of a relationship
Have suffered academic failure, fear imcombere an examination, have been rejected for an examination
Have lost their jobs, or have problems at work
Have legal problems
Have been arrested in recent or stand to be released

Be violent
Breaking the law
Writing about death and suicide
Previous suicidal behavior
Fluctuations in behavioral
Behavioral changes

External physical changes
Loss of energy
Sleep disturbances - sleeping too much or too little
Loss of appetite
Sudden loss or weight gain
Increase in minor illnesses
Change in sexual interest
Sudden changes in appearance
Loss of interest in appearance

Thoughts and Emotions
Thoughts of suicide
Loneliness - lack of support from family and friends
Rejection, feelings of alienation
Deep sadness or guilt
Inability to see beyond a narrow perspective
Anxiety and stress
Sense of helplessness
Loss of self-esteem

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