Lithium and clozapine to prevent suicide

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Lithium and clozapine to prevent suicide

Post  counselor on Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:21 am

Lithium and clozapine to prevent suicide

If Van Gogh had lived in our time he might never made ​​the decision to commit suicide. In fact many progress in psychiatry in recent years. The anti-psychotic clozapine and lithium salt appear at present the most effective drugs to prevent suicide. And 'as estimated by experts assembled at the Congress of Biological Psychiatry, being held in Berlin. Suicide is led to the death of 10% of schizophrenic patients, while more than 50% of patients try to kill himself. In people with depression, 15% of the deaths were caused by suicide. Dr. Herbert Melzter, University 'Vanderbilt in Nashville recalls that currently is being studied Intersept to evaluate the effect of clozapine (versus olanzapine) against suicide.

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