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Experience of detachment and alienation experienced by the subject to its own inner psychic (d. autopsichica) of your body (d. Somatopsychic) or environment (d. allopsichica or derealization). It is an alteration of the ego-consciousness. In d. autopsichica the subject feels different: his own psychic life, or some of them, evoke a feeling of alienation and not belonging to the ego, which is accompanied by a feeling anxious, until the fear of going crazy. This can be associated with the experience of the automatism of his mental activity and of their actions. In d. affective (found in endogenous depression), we have the feeling of loss of feeling.

In d. Somatopsychic the individual a feeling of estrangement from one's body or parts thereof up to configure the nihilistic delusion. May be present sensations of change or transformation of the organs. In d. allopsichica or derealization is the environment around the subject to be heard as a stranger. The depersonalized, not finding the words that realize the change that warns uses of metaphors: the world has become cold, is seen through a veil etc. It creates a feeling of strangeness that affects the perception of self and the world: the subject loses that quality of call familiarity and perceived that only appears as fails. The d. has been developed from the concepts of body image (Schilder), border ego (Federn), object relations (Bouvet), disease identification and narcissism (Sami-Ali, Jacobson). According to Lacan it is in excess of the coordinates of the subjective position. Derealization is present in several disorders, from schizophrenia to depression, the organic psychoses, epilepsy, hysteria, panic attack, prolonged fatigue.

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