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Feeling known everywhere and in every age. It stems from a meeting between two people who, feeling the need to leave their own uniqueness, are experiencing a commonality of interests, ideals and, therefore, feel that they understand each other, establishing the interrelationships intimate and often very hot. It is important, therefore, that from early childhood the child can establish relationships of a. with peers, regardless of age and gender. This fact allows him to more easily open up to the outside world, without drama to deal with others and with less difficulty to overcome the egocentric stage. But it is especially during adolescence that a. becomes a real need, as it represents the highest form of emotional communication for the sharing of experiences. In this age a. takes place usually in the form much more exclusive and determines a type of attachment that often many similarities with the love and that, at least in certain phases, can also generate fits of jealousy. If this value is normal (and had to be supported on the educational level), it is clear that, if that experience were to be extended over time with displays of intonation clearly sexual (the famous friendships particular) should be considered and treated with care and caution, as it could be a sign of adolescent difficulties in defining their sexual identity.[center]

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