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Thought stopping Empty Thought stopping

Post  counselor on Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:38 am

Thought stopping

Refers, according to Bills (1931) to brief interruptions of thought or activity progressive stimulus-reaction, not attributable to a specific external stimulus or pattern subjectively perceived. Secondary phenomena perceptible blocks can be: empty mental, sensory dissociation in the perception of the stimulus or train of thought, as well as the inability to perform a momentary motor reaction carried out correctly only until recently. I b. of p. can occur in series, to be announced by reactions progressively slower, but also intervene suddenly and unexpectedly during the normal activities reactive. Just as quickly, the b. may even disappear spontaneously, but the appearance can not in any case will be eliminated. States b. occur more easily in conditions of fatigue or anxiety. On a theoretical level, the b. of p. has not yet been clarified sufficiently. Bills considered him as an inhibition protects against fatigue (theory of the refractory period). It is a phenomenon similar to many others pertaining to the psychology of attention, thought, conduct and motivation, as well as psychopathology.

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