Spleen (Noia) - C. Boudelaire, The Flowers of Evil

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Spleen (Noia) - C. Boudelaire, The Flowers of Evil Empty Spleen (Noia) - C. Boudelaire, The Flowers of Evil

Post  counselor on Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:12 am

Yes! I, like many, I was struck by the pain of living. For this reason, I appreciated very much the poems of poets Damn, including Charles Baudelaure! This is a poem whose meaning is expressed with my state of mind:


When, as a cover, the sky weighs severe
soul moaning in the grip of long troubles,
and when poured over us, all the way around the horizon
Embracing a black light saddest nights;

and when you changed the earth in a damp cell,
What remains for walls Hope,
banging her timid wings, like a bat,
the head pounding on wet ceilings;

and when it imitates the rain, to show its stripes
infinite, the bars of a vast prison,
and when a silent people of infamous spiders
tends the nets at the bottom of our brains;

a sudden bells furiously taking
launching into the sky a terrible scream
as wandering spirits, without a country
who will be at moan stubborn.

And long funeral without drums slowly
parade nor music in the soul:
won, Hope cries, and the terrible anguish,
on my skull plant, despot, his black flag.

1) The Soul of the decadent poet is sad and disconsolate, he compares it to a cold winter day when the sky is gray, desolate extended to the horizon, is pierced by a dim light, black, saddest night.
2) The earth is seen as a big damp cell in which it is prigionniera the hope that, as a repellent, trying to stifle the anguish, but unable, despairs disoriented, thus being likened to a blind bat, flapping frantically against walls, banging his head on the ceiling of the room wet.
3) Even the rain that is falling as if it formed into long strips seems to surround the earth in a huge cage, while our brain, paralyzed from the hideous spider web woven by spiders silently trditori (which represent the company), is teeming with rot.
4) Suddenly takes the furious sound of the bells, analogy Soul steeped in suffering, a prisoner of the evil that break the silence, their cry is atrocious as a lament of wandering spirits, ranging stubborn, querulous, without a country.
5) The Soul imprisoned tries to move, and his movements are slow, silent, heavy and melancholy, just as if they were long funeral parade that torpid, nor without music, no drums.
6) Hope defeat, crying on her knees Anguish, lashing, plant despot his black banner on the skull (the artist) as a symbol of victory!

And I would say that this poem expresses the feelings of a soul tormented!

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