Abuse and pedophilia

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Abuse and pedophilia

Post  counselor on Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:06 am

Given the late hour, I did not spend much time (I hope)!
I'll be back just now by a diatribe on the attitude of the new generation, that is the attitude of the young girls of the millenium! I compared, their age was what today you can graciously call "a sucker World"! And they are the ones that at my age were considered "sciacquette"!
Skinny jeans, skirts and makeup ingunali vamp, have you noticed that bambinelle that you see around, they look like real "little women"?
Where I'm going? The fact that the clothes do not make the Monaco, but the attitude yes! And if we were talking about attitude, my dear, would fill entire libraries of topics trash ... Still thinking about the girl I'd been unlucky today, we want to talk about words? We want to talk about "sex education"? Zero is the right answer! Zero were the words he knew until I went to middle and zero was the sexual culture that I had until I went into the second high school! Of course, I've never been an ark of science! And I've never been the first of the class, or the first in general, but we want to compare the manners, the ways and customs of that time, the sloppiness, coquetry and prematurity with which the girls are granted to children? What then, now you see just about anything! Girls who are with men. Women who are with babies ...
All this encourages perversion and pedophilia! And why not, stalking.
Surely in this crazy world there will be those who think like me and who is not! But I think the cheek and lightness and the provocative attitude of the young girls of today, has exacerbated even further the gene of perversion that lurks in sick people.
And sorry to intrude another concept that has nothing to do, but where's the romance?
I would say that the end of romance and true love, has helped to spread that sense of emptiness and abandonment that causes a lot of depression and loneliness in the hearts of many young people. These are they doing? End to a psychologist, but agree with me that in these cases the psychologist does not matter! And often aggravates the situation! As a medication given to a healthy person!

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