Online resources for people on the Autistic Spectrum

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Online resources for people on the Autistic Spectrum Empty Online resources for people on the Autistic Spectrum

Post  counselor on Thu Dec 18, 2014 7:37 pm

Would be a good sticky as I noticed this topic is not really covered much on this site.

Here are a few links to some very good sites for anyone on the Autistic spectrum, their families and friends etc. is an online community for people with any form of Autism or ADHD, there is a real time chatroom and a very extensive, very active forum, this is a site where you can get help and advice, or just a casual chat with people who have the condition. for people in the UK, the very informative site of the National Autistic Society, which contains a lot of in depth info on any form of Autism, schools, links to various services, a helpline which can also be accessed by email which is exelent (I have used this many times) info for siblings, parents, getting a diagnosis, Autism and Aspergers info for adults, supported living etc, very very good site, they also provide infomation on local support groups for parents, people on the spectrum, siblings etc. is a site for people with Autism who are opposed to veiwing the condition as anything "bad" and oppose the idea of a "cure" for it, another top site. is the Asperger Wiki, which gives a basic insight into the history of the condition etc. some basic info on the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome, diagnosis etc.

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