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Post  counselor on Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:01 am

I want to quote what was written in a post in the "Depression" to talk a bit 'of self, a gesture very sad and desperate. And that certainly needs to be addressed.

" Well ... it is the desire to punish. For what? There is punished, so we recognize that we made a mistake and, once finished the punishment (that is, once you are hit or cut), it's over also to blame. Like children who are punished by their parents, once purged the guilt, you are automatically forgiven. So when you're self-injury, ilmasochista feel more relieved and lighter because it can consider the matter closed! Closed until the next time! That is until he has another reason to punish themselves. Often self-harm are the most sensitive. That is, those who feel the pain more intensely respects the rule and then feel so guilty by "believe they deserve the beatings and suffering." These are a type of self-harm. Then there's another type: the ones who, in addition to guilt, feel the desperate need to be consoled, and then try to attract the attention injuring visible as points in the wrists or hands, so that anyone can notice them and ask happened to him. Even if their not to his excuses, they have achieved their goal because it was enough to attract attention, be noticed and to be told "how are you, what happened to your hand?". These are the most dangerous, because they are the ones who most need help. Because they feel alone. Why did they need others as yourself do not make it through the day. And if no one notices them. If no one is aware of their wounds, they can also get to the suicide."

I think that you cease to be self-defeating when one day you wake up and appalled by the vision of our disfigured body (although a tiny nick). This can only be achieved with the knowledge that we love. Because when you love someone you do not hurt, right? In fact ... tremble idea of ​​seeing him beaten or injured.
I think whoever comes to self-harm, so malandatamente desperate to lose respect for himself. To have zero self-esteem. And certainly not to notice how beautiful it is inside.
SIB can contribute a lot in the environment where you live, because if it is too urgent and disqualifying can bring the subject to think of worthlessness, of being wrong in everything, not succeed in anything.
To combat self-harm should be surrounded by affection, of love, of listening, of those who trust in you, who gives you strength really showing you what you're worth. Only those who care about that person who is fragile self-destructive, it can really help. Why give him the attention, and find those words, so as to let him know that she's a good person, noble and worthy of happiness, but above all of life.

Of course, the advice I give to those who autolesiona physically (and mentally), is to talk and open up to someone.

While the advice I give to those who want to help a loved one who suffers from this disorder, is to help you solve the problem that afflicts him. Help remove the cause of her great sorrow, at the same time making him discover how great its value.

No human being should ever devalue that is. Unfortunately, this happens to 8 out of 10 people today.


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