Get lost Stalker/child abuser you will never have me!

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Get lost Stalker/child abuser you will never have me! Empty Get lost Stalker/child abuser you will never have me!

Post  Mayflower7 on Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:59 pm

Hi scum,
For my abuser nobody on this forum, Will you abusers/stalkers leave me alone please. Get off my devices, stop stalking me and leave me the hell alone please. I am not marrying my childhood abuser okay, as he is utter scum.
He needs to go to prison I do not. You don't have sex with babies or pets. He is a dirty disgusting ulgy and fat man and he is never ever having me. He is deluded I do not love him, I hate his evil guts. He has wrecked my whole life.
He has a wife that is not me, he will service his wife and she will submit to him. I won't.
I am not fighting with him, I want him out my life as he is a dirty sex addict who harms pets and children.
He needs to be castrated and drugged 24/7 so he leaves me alone. Take him off-line please so he can't stalk me on-line, switch the camera's off so he can not watch me any longer. I am not flirting with him or anybody else.
I don't want any men after me, or lesbians either. I am not a lesbian so stop calling me one I am not!
Leave me alone admins get off my devices, I don't like admins I reported to help your sites won't again.
I don't love anybody and don't want sex with anybody, I can pleasure myself and think what I like. I do not want it doing to me. I don't want all I look up online doing to me. Grow up men, take some cold showers and get off my devices please. Stop stalking me as I am not turned on I am scared. I do not want to feel pain or be corrected leave me alone.
All get off my devices I do not want a single person on, get off and leave me alone please.
I don't want to be watched so leave me alone, return all my things and go home all of you.
Never contact me again any of you, I don't want to be abused thanks or have you on my devices. Get off and go back to work. Stop harming me, I did nothing so stop bullying me.
Leave me alone neighbour I will never have you so that is final, you are 80 soon I am 35 you disgust me. Get some treatment and stay away from me. I don't need treatment as you lot are the ones with the problems.
I am not attracting you or acting sexually for you, I did for myself and you lot should not be watching so get off my devices and stop doing this.
You will never see anything else so get off my devices please!
I am not wanting any of you so go home silly boys and leave me alone. I am not having multiple men in my life and that is that. Leave me alone I am not a sex worker and won't be so get off my devices.
Anyone get on my devices track IP's and report my stalkers to the FBI please help me anyone so they leave me alone please help me to get them off my devices.
Thank you so much report them for stalking me have no consent and won't leave me alone!

I do not want a 14 year old boy hacking my Apple software correcting me all day, I want him to go home to his own family and to get to school. I have no money and never will so leave me alone boy. Go home I don't care if all,the TL staff love you boy I simply don't care. Go work for them I don't care boy. Just won't be doing in my name/qualifications or for my family either. I am not marrying a 14 year old boy either. I do not want to marry anybody ever, so get off my devices boy. I have not abused children I have been abused so leave me alone please. I will never be coming back to the TL/S8 forums as full of trolls and stalkers in my view. As happened to me, staff did not assist me. I am doing in public so this boy stalking me gets off my devices and leaves me alone then. Yes boy can have GM you can marry him and have a baby with him just not my baby! You can have DW as well. No need to get jealous boy you have them. I don't want them.
You win boy so there you go boy, won the war you wanted okay bye. I won't ever have contact with any TL staff again boy. So then you will stop stalking and bullying me then.
You won yes can have the staff on TL forums to do as you please with, yes can harm all there customers as already have. I do hope the CEO Mr Tam comes and see's this.
Sorry admins on the Suicide forums, they won't listen. So had to do this so all the staff go. I don't wish to ever return to a site with an admin who lets users bully and harass as gets jealous! No not having my devices or games or any items he has TeamLava so that is enough for him! So everybody beware of this please! My view not attacking TeamLava!
So sorry have to do this, I have had enough of stalkers so doing this the boy will go home then and work for them in a few years then they won't exist thank God!

Hi Abuser,
You don't own me or my things, you are the abusers not myself. As simply yelling at someone and informing is not abuse! Rape and harming someone's whole life is! I am never living with men that control " me" I will be in charge! My kids if I have any won't get strict discipline as won't need it! Nobody will ever touch my kids ie won't hit/slap, sexually abuse, won't ever have neighbours anywhere! As most malicious and utter evil scum!
Most are sad people who didn't achieve and get jealous there problem not mine! I have severe health problems/disabilities just don't let them stop me doing anything! I don't need supervision or any help as not a child!
Don't Worry about answering anyone!



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