Strategy against self-injury

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Strategy against self-injury

Post  counselor on Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:59 am


if you want to stop the urge to hurt you in difficult times, well, I will propose a strategy that may seem cruel and sadistic, but believe me, it worked and can work with you.

Since we all have a mobile phone, here is what you should do. It should be very cool. And you will have to prove it!
After being cut or otherwise injured in some way, you'll have a picture of the "corpus delicti"! Photographed bloody wrists. The knuckles swollen. Bruises, blood drops. Knife or scissors dirty, everything.
Keep these photos in safe places, to protect them from esempioi password on your phone, or download them to your computer and hide in some secret folder. In short, you will know definitely provide to hide the evidence.

Here, as soon as there is the urge to cut yourself, look at those pictures! There will nourish as if you were wounded once! And 'how to replace the drug methadone. Make it do.

This is the first step you need to do to not hurt anymore. Then of course you have to solve the reasons that cause certain attacks.

As counsel, quà below is a hidden spoiler, is the image of a bloody wrist cut.
Pretty impressive.


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