sexual harrassment and bullying at a Fire department

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sexual harrassment and bullying at a Fire department Empty sexual harrassment and bullying at a Fire department

Post  Angel12 on Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:48 pm

I use to volunteer at a Fire department a few years ago but, I have to leave because of the bullying and sexual harassment that went out on in the Fire department. They will do everything to me from wrestling me to the ground. Slapping me in the face, calling me queer, holding my hands. Anything bad that happen to me or if I did something wrong they will made fun of mistakes to all their friends. The only reason why they didn't go full-throttle on me is because they will feel bad if I got hurt. One of my friends at the Station use to laugh about how many times he would beat-downs he give me.

It was a-okay for them to tease me, messed around with me and, laugh at me. But, if I did the same to them they will threaten to beat me up. One-time I decide to messed around with one of them and I got my head smacked to the ground for it. While all the other people around me stood by and watch.

There is nothing guy with disabilities who gets it way worse than I do. He and I didn't get along quite well at the Fire-station so they made us wrestle and fight against each other. It really was a horrible experience being there. When I went to see the family counselor and, told him about it. He says report it to the Chief about it or leave. So I left and never came back there. Now I left they all want me back but I am afraid if I go back they will bullying me even worse.

This isn't the first time I been bullying nor will it be the last. I been bullying ever since I was a little kid even my family picks on me.


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