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Post  counselor on Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:58 am

I discovered the meaning of the word university ... Before, I did not even know what it meant to want to get hurt on purpose! Today I believe that there is only one reason to do so! I do not think all they do to feel better! I think we all have different reasons. Reasons crazy, or desperate, or irrational ...
I can not know what the motives of others. But remember what were my ...
I had only one reason that prompted me to do what I did: The desire to punish me!
Stress was skyrocketing. I could not download it with anyone. Inside harbored a deep sense of guilt. In fact, I always felt a constant sense of guilt, and whatever I did, I thought it was never enough, or was not the right thing ... Then came an event that gave me the coup de grace. In that situation, I thought I would not have made it through my problems. And then I felt like a failure, un'incapace, it also gave a strong stress caused by the fact that for days I did not eat, did not sleep, did not go out, I did not see the light of day, I did not speak with anyone. In short, I did not see, nor was thinking more of something psitivo .. and worse, I did not see the future! In that circumstance, nutrii duty to punish me! With scissors .. And the package of school, I scratched my forearm. Or as I did, I said to myself, "this is what you deserve."
The next day I felt like shit!
I felt very sorry for what I did to my poor body. I realized that he was not guilty. That was indeed a victim of my cruelty. Victim of a sick mind! I kissed and caressed my wounds every day until healed.
I think I will never such a thing, even if one day I should again feel guilty for some reason.
I learned the hard way that it is wrong to do so! And 'wrong because no one deserves such violence! Even the smallest of insects. And be able to face the challenges of life, it also means this: do not get hurt, or to hurt! But try to understand their mistakes and try to look at reality in an objective manner, which is very difficult, since we are all used to look at her with such subjectivity! Influenced by the mood of the moment, by their own prejudices, to those around us, from what we read and see on TV ... From all really! We try to think with our heads and evaluate if you really believe what is true!
And above all, never lose patience with yourself and with others! We are living beings, we are not God! So mistakes are part of our lives! We never lose the desire to start! We never lose the desire to learn! And we find the courage to admit that we were wrong, in order to close the matter and lasciarcela behind, so you can start to live the present, looking at the future through the eyes of a better person __

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