mothers who know you're being abused

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mothers who know you're being abused Empty mothers who know you're being abused

Post  morning rush on Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:33 pm

on the news there was this young woman who was abused by her step father and that the mother was aware of it but never protected her. And so she had her mother go to court and be judge guilty of aiding the abuse and she got 18 months of community service. Seeing that struck a cord in me...

my dad abused me so much, my step mom always took my dad's side, my real mom couldn't help me...

the worse thing is I still don't get why I was abused, and that my dad has no recollection of it, it never happened in his mind...fake memories of happy times happened in his mind...why is it that those people who do harm to others always get away with it?

I'm poor, I can barely function in society, I'm alone and I suffer, does he suffer? no..he's at home doing what he likes and sleeps like a baby...I am so mad, so angry...

I try so hard to survive and live, to overcome obstacles...but what's the point?

morning rush

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