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Damn Disasociation < TRIGGERING> Empty Damn Disasociation < TRIGGERING>

Post  emack54 on Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:20 pm

Okay my stepbrother sexually abused me when I was a young child. Last week I started having bleeding from my bottom. That has never happened to me so I tried calling my doctor office but it was closed. I dont have a car and have to take the bus. Anyway I really didnt want to call an ambulance because it wasnt that bad, but I also didnt want to wait until the next day. I couldnt find a ride so I took the bus. Well the closest hospital just happens to be where my stepbrother is a doctor. When I got into the ER I tried to explain that I didnt want to be there because it triggered me because my stepbrother who abused me works there. They refused to transfer me to another hospital. When the doctor when to do the rectal exam (I have never had one done before) apparently I went into a dissassociative state because I dont remember anything until two days later when I came out of it and was in a completely different hospital in their psychiatric ward. Apparently during the time I dont remember anytime anyone would try to touch me I would scream, fight, and yell his name. When my mom got there she told them who my stepbrother is and why I was reacting the way I did. They cant do anything though because I never pressed charges. I have never lost this much time. Part of it might be is that I was told later I was given three separate injections of medication to calm me down so that probably prolonged it. I was scared when I got there and I just wish the ER staff would have listened to me when I asked them about transfering me. I know I will never go there again unless I am on my deathbed literally.


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