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Post  counselor on Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:49 am

Loneliness is a disease of the mind.
Being sick of solitude means to be depressed and / or anxious Cause I do not have anyone near you. You do not have anyone to talk to, to share their emotions whether they are smiles whether they are tears. And then you can lose the perspective of the future, the pleasure of doing the little things ...
I I have suffered for years ... and among the many movements of the soul, I am convinced that there is nothing worse than solitude.
This led me to approach him who is alone, even in those dark moments of my life. And I think this is the reason that prompted me to open this forum. Because it is too sad to suffer and have no one next door. It 'such a bad thing, I do not know how many times I did pray to God to call me to his presence. Sure, of course there are those who are more sensitive to these things and who it is for others. I have been, and still are, against loneliness. Is also why I always feared the darkness. The ironic thing is that when I suffered, not afraid at all. Then when I recovered a little, 'ricominciavo to fear.
It 'was the loneliness that I started to give importance to small things, such as excited as he shares a sandwich with a friend. Or get excited for a simple greeting received ...

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