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She's come undone Empty She's come undone

Post  katiedid on Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:08 pm

I want to cut myself right now but I really don't know why. I have a therapist but its hard for me to say some of the things that bother me out loud so I just pretend everything is fine. I have a psychiatrist who I hate. I am on multiple medications. I'm Kate, I live in a big beautiful home with a in-ground pool in the suburbs. I just graduated from an all girls private high school (hell). I have maids and a pool man. I just got a new jeep. I have a personal trainer and if I don't want to work for the rest of my life I don't have to. You are probably reading this asking yourself why I am on here. Well there are a few reasons. When I was little my dad touched me. My cousin had too. A year and a half ago I was raped by a kid. I have major depression issues and budding addiction problems. I smoke weed every day, I guess to escape realities. I hated my school so much but I loved my friends there, I have been crying about having to leave them behind. I just left this theater I have taken classes at for 15 years and it is closing so I will never be able to come back in visit. I am tired of people thinking I have it made. I am miserable. A miserable person. I gained a lot of weight and I hate the way I look. I hate myself. I hate every single person I have come in contact with


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