dunno how many times *triggering?*

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dunno how many times *triggering?* Empty dunno how many times *triggering?*

Post  Kiba on Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:08 pm

Ive been used for sex.. i know its over 3 by males and my ex gf i felt that some of those times she was taking advantage of me.. especially right after i broke up with her she wanted sex and i felt sorry for her.. i still first time she asked said no and she got all upset and it made me upset and after few times i just tokd myself, fuck it.. ill let her take advantage.. shes leaving after anyway.. i don't know when i lost my virginity.. i don't know if the time i remember as first was truly my first because i didn't rly bleed.. anyway.. sry.. my emotions atm r very detached.. i am onky like.. just remembering somehow about the other situations if guys who have used me for sex.. i think it psychologically like.. somehow becomes a trend.. in a way i want to be abused.. but i also don't.. its so confusing.. idk..


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