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Post  deathangel101 on Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:56 pm

when i was 6 years old my dad and brother started to sexualy abuse me everyday they made me< edit mod total eclipse triggering> and would torcher me by teasing me about putting <tedit mod total eclipse triggering> knowing i wld cry. when i tried to refuse them i ended up getting beatens. they would use sex against me for everything such as when i got in trouble they wld touch me n other things instead of gettin beatens also when i wld wanna get on the phone or play the play station they wlsd say " oh suck me off and then you can play" this happened til i was 8.... then they started to rape me....they wld sexually abuse me everyday and rape me once every two months until the day i tld which was Oct. 13, 2006 when i was 11 years old. now im in fostercare. i was also recently raped in march the weekend b4 my frend tyrell took me out to eat down at the harbor....when we finished it was 10:30pm and we ended up running in to 2 of his homeboys so they were wlking me to the subway when to of the boys attacked me and held me down while tyrell raped me after he finished he threatened to kill me if i told anyone.....of course after being put through what my dad and brother put me through i didnt care so i told my homeboys who r very protective of me they went down his house and beat the shit out of him then i told my foster mom and she called the police so now all three boys are locked up for now.......


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