I think this is developing into a problem?

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I think this is developing into a problem? Empty I think this is developing into a problem?

Post  Blackness on Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:44 pm

In less than a week I've lost about 8 pounds just by hardly eating.
I'm really happy with that.
But it's almost becoming obsessive.
I love when my clothes are too big for me now.
I hate food now. The thought of eating makes me feel sick, and eating it makes me feel sick, no matter what it is, I feel sick.
The only reason i eat (little bits) is or else I get MORE sick.
I know this feeling sick is all in my head, but it's getting out of control.
Weighing myself and stuff like that all the time.

I only eat like one and a half meals a day and I dont snack.
It's as if my stomach has shrunk and I dont need the food anymore.
I like the feeling of being hungry, you get used to it. And I'd rather feel hunger pains and eat anything and id rather my weight go down.

Do you think this could turn into a problem?


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