An orchid for self-esteem

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An orchid for self-esteem

Post  counselor on Sun Sep 02, 2012 12:46 am

Dear friends,
This is a message to all those who suffer from low self-esteem.
Listen to me and if you can, do what you please.
Today, just have a little 'time, leave and go to a florist whatsoever.
Take a look at seedlings of orchids that have and buy one.
After that you have to treat it every day.

Let it sit in a room lumonosa but not expose it to direct sunlight.
Every day, put it under the tap taking care that suits the aue supwrficiali roots are watered. You will hardly notice that all the bark was wet enough, turn off the water and replace the clear vase (so sell them all).

You will see how you will like to take care of these wonderful colorful plants! And you will see how it will be nice to be able scanbiare information about it ^ ^.
The flowers last for months. Then once faded, rifioriranno next year in the same period.


Ps: But then I want to see the photos SmileSmileSmile !

Thank you

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