raped by my brother

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 raped by my brother Empty raped by my brother

Post  deathdealer on Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:54 pm

i was raped by my brother when i was 7 years old,it went on for a while.i wont go into it as i have not long ago written about it in a post.when my father left the army he became physically abusive towards me,he openly admits to this day that he bounced me off of every wall in the house,and it was a huge house.i left at 16 to go in the army and when i was on leave one day,i was around 17 at the time he tried to hit me again out in his yard.i had put up with it since i was about 12,im not saying to do this but i went to hit him back and he goaded me to make me do it saying he could still put me down even though i was bigger than him.my brother,not the one that raped me,stopped me hitting my dad back and to this day i am glad he did.i have a hidden hate for my dad and weve hardly spoken in the last 3 years because i managed to break away from him and his large family.in a way im the black sheep of the family now but i dont care,nobody knows what i suffered at the hands of him and my brother,my mom knows dad hit me alot but she knows nothing else,i wont tell her because i dont want to hurt her emotionally.i dont hold anything against my mom for not stopping my dad,for one she was never in the same room when he done it,and secondly my dad was the army boxing champion for three consecutive years,if,and i only say IF he had turned on her he would have killed her.i have the utmost respect for my dad with some things he done in his life but i also hate him for what he done to me.i wasnt a great kid,in fact i was probably a nightmare(read my last post)but kids dont deserve to be beaten,not to the extent he beat me.i had mental problems because of my brother.but maybe i pushed him too far.who knows,i never will.all i know is he never raised a finger to my brothers,but then,they didnt get raped by their own brother.
im sorry,that just kind of flowed out,i dont think it will help you because i probably deserved what i got.you didnt and there is no doubt about that,you didnt deserve any of it.if i can help in any way please pm me and i will do my best to help you get by.


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