Depressed I am 15

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Depressed  I am 15 Empty Depressed I am 15

Post  A girl on Tue Aug 26, 2014 10:46 am

I don't think that I will ever be happy I been depressed for 3 years I have tried therpy but it doesn't work I have been alone I been ditched by my friends they all have some to hang out with I only have four friends they all ditch me when I try to make new friends well I get laugh at .they don't know how lonley and sad it is to be home all the time when your out I always think of how I can look better. My friends are skinny and pretty they have hook up with guys before they have had a lot of friends and boyfriend. I only had one boyfriend he didn't anyone to know that we were dating.why would anyone date me I am ugly ,fat ,weird ,freak ,smile is ugly
I been called stuff at school which doesn't happen with my depresstion
I been called ugly and a slut ,fat ,I am in this class Becuse I have a learning disablity I was put in a class with speical needs kids and I been made fun of being in that class and been made fun of my learning disability.
I am not close with my parents me and my parents don't get along that well .i do have a attitude I feel awful it and I have low self estam I get mad a lot and both of parents get mad easily so sometimes that were I get my anger from when they spill something on them selfs they will yell at me or hit me. I am also not close with them Becuse they have said to be many times your a mistake or I wish I had another child that is not like you ,there something wrong with you ,I don't love you ,your a bitch(I deserve that one Because of my attitude),hit me,choke me ect. Also my mom tell every one everything like if I am on my peri do get mad easily she will tell everyone or if we have a big argument she will say what happened. Than Also make up stuff in the story to make me sound like a bitch she does it all the time right in front of me. Please don't tell it all gets better Becuse I have been depressed for three years nothing got better nothing seem like it will get better I will proberly be alone my whole life I am so use to being alone and sad

A girl

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Depressed  I am 15 Empty Re: Depressed I am 15

Post  counselor on Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:42 pm

First of all I'm so sorry you feel so depressed.
Now, your friends if are really friends will love you eventhough your mistakes or your problems. If they don't, they're not your friends.
About your depression, tell me, how is your relationship with your parents? Are u a student? 
I'm asking u this because family is the first good reason for someone getting depressed.

Try to write about that.

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