List of psychiatric drugs and related molecules diagnosis

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List of psychiatric drugs and related molecules diagnosis

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Those information have been traslated fron Italian to English (because my studies are made in Italy), so for everyone who find something difficoult to understand or not so clear, please write me on here and I'll be glad to explain everything =)
Hope these help you guys.

List of psychiatric drugs and related molecules diagnosis.
My extrapolation of my book "Drugs in psychiatry,".

List of psychiatric drugs and related molecules diagnosis

1_Isovalerianic acid / glicerfosfato sodium (trade name: Neurol): Shown in the states of physical fatigue and mentale.

2_Ademetionina (trade name Samyr): Indicated in depressive.

3_Aloperidolo syndromes (commercial name: Serenase , Haldol, Decanoas): 1) tablets, oral drops and solution: suitable for: Psychomotor agitation in case of: mania, dementia, oligophrenia, psychopathy, acute and chronic schizophrenia, alcoholism, disorders (ie disorders) compulsive personality , paranoid, histrionic. delusions and hallucinations in the case of: acute and chronic schizophrenia, paranoia, mental confusion, acute alcoholism (Korsakoff's syndrome), ipocondriasi, personality disorders, paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal, antisocial, and some borderline cases. Choreiform. Agitation, aggression and escape responses in elderly subjects. Character and behavioral disorders of childhood. Tics and stuttering. Pernicious vomiting. Intractable hiccups. Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol. 2) Vials: suitable for: resistant forms of psychomotor excitement. Acute psychosis, delusional and / or hallucinating. Psychosis croniche.

4_Alprazolam (brand name: Xanax, Valeans, Alprazig, Alpravecs, Ibzolam, Mialin): Suitable for: Anxiety / anxiety, anxiety disorders, panic attacks disorder with / without phobic avoidance, anxiety associated with depression, panic attacks and phobias in patients with agoraphobia attacks panico.

5_Amisulpride (trade name Deniban, Solian, Sulamid): Suitable for: Dysthymia, acute and chronic psychotic disorders with positive symptoms and / or symptoms negativi.

6_Amitriptilina (trade name Elavil, Adepril, Triptizol): Suitable for: Endogenous depression, reactive depression, masked depression, neurotic depression, depression in the course of schizophrenic psychosis, involutional depression, severe depression in the course of neurological or other organic disorders, depressive phase of manic-depressive psychosis, migraine prophylaxis and chronic headaches or ricorrenti.

7_Aripiprazolo (Abilify): Suitable for: Schizofrenia.

8_Asperula odorata / hawthorn: (trade name Lenicalm): Suitable for: Insonnia.

9_Biperidene: (Trade name Akineton): Suitable for: Parkinson's disease, parkinsonian syndrome post-brain arteriosclerotic parkinsonian syndrome, extrapyramidal syndrome by neurolettici.

10_Bromazepam: (trade names Lexotan, Compendium, Brixopam): Suitable for: Emotional reactions to a chronic organic illness, emotional disturbances, states of tenisione, anxiety / anxiety, insecurity, fears unfounded with depressive manifestations, nervousness, agitation, contact problems, insomnia, psychosomatic disorders and functional cardiovascular, respiratory, gastro-intestinal and genito-urinary tract, headache tension, agitation, anxiety and mood depression, psychosomatic symptoms, obsessive and phobic disorders in the course of neuroses, behavior disorders with irritability and impulsivity, acute manifestations of alcoholism chronic spasticity of striated muscles orgine centrale.

11_Bromperidolo (trade name Impromen): Suitable for: schizophrenic psychosis, delusions, allucinazioni.

12_Brotizolam (trade names Lendormin, Nimbisan): Suitable for: Insomnia.

13_Buprenorfina (trade name Subutex): Suitable for: Replacement Therapy dependence oppiacei.

14_Bupropione hydrochloride (trade name Zyban): Suitable for: Weaning from smoking (ie, smoking cessation) .

15 _Buspirone hydrochloride (trade name Buspar): Suitable for: Anxiety disorder generalizzato.

16_Buxamina & diazepam (name commercial Gamibetal plus mild): Suitable for: Events anxious, insomnia, somatization of nevrosi.

17_Buxamina & herbal medicines (trade name Parvisedil): Suitable for: United restlessness, excitability, insomnia in bambini.

18_Calcio bromobionato (trade name Calcibronat): Suitable for : Neurosedazione.

19_Carbamazepina (brand name Tegretol): Suitable for: Epilepsy, trigeminal neuralgia, mania.

20_Citalopramo (bromoidrato and hydrochloride) (trade names Elopram, Felipram, Feliximir, Frimaind, Kaidor, Marpram, Percital, Pramexyl, Ricap, Seropram, Verisan) : Suitable for: Anxiety disorders, panic disorder with / without agoraphobia, depressive syndromes endogenous relapse prevention depressive.

21_Clobazam (trade name Frisium): Suitable for: Anxiety, anxiety and tension and / or agitation, the sleeping, irritability, somatic disorders with psycho-emotional component, for example in the field of cardiovascular and gastroenterico.

22_Clomipramina hydrochloride (trade name Anafranil): Suitable for: Endogenous depression, reactive depression, neurotic depression, masked depression, depression associated with schizophrenia, involutional depression, depression associated with personality disorders, organic depression, depressive syndromes from pre-senility or old age, have chronic pain, chronic somatic disorders, syndromes, obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias, attacks panico.

23_Clonazepam (trade name Rivotril): Suitable for: Epilessia.

24_Clorazepato Dipotassium (trade name Transene): Inficato for: Anxiety, primary associated to irritability, insomnia, nervousness; anxiety secondary to hypertension, angina pectoris, cardiac functional disorders, thyroid disease, instrumental explorations, surgical interventions.

25_Clordiazepossido hydrochloride (trade name Librium): Suitable for: Anxiety states, somatic gastrointestinal and cardiovascular, psychomotor agitation in delirium tremens and alcohol withdrawal , sedative before interventions chirurgici.

26_Clorpromazina hydrochloride (trade name Thorazine, Prozin) indicated for: schizophrenia, mania, toxic psychosis (amphetamine, LSD, cocaine, etc.)., paranoid states, organic mental syndromes with delirium, severe anxiety, resistant to therapy with anxiety, agitated depression, depression accompanied by agitation and delirium, pernicious vomiting, uncontrollable hiccups, intense pain, medication preanestetica.

27_Clotiapina (trade name Entumin) indicated for: acute psychosis, acute schizophrenia, delusions, mania, confusional states, states of psychomotor excitement, and exacerbation chronic psychosis, paranoid psychosis, psicoreazionali syndromes, neurotic syndromes, anxiety .

28 _Clotiazepam (trade name Rizen, Tieno) indicated for: Anxiety and insonnia.

29_Clozapina (trade name Clozaril): indicated for: Schizophrenia is not treatable with other antipsychotics for the appearance of serious adverse effects, treatment-resistant schizophrenia, psychotic disorders being Parkinson.

30_Delorazepam (trade name En, Dadumir) indicated for: states of anxiety; emotional imbalances related to stress situational, environmental and organic affections acute and / or chronic; dystonias neurovegetatative anxiety and somatization in charge of various organs and systems; psychoneurotic syndromes, depressive neurosis; psychomotor agitation; psychotic states with a strong anxiety component and mood; disorders sonno.

31_Desipramina hydrochloride (trade name Nortimil): Suitable for: Endogenous depression, psicoreattiva depression, neurotic depression, involutional depression, depression in menopause, depression in old age, manic-depressive, dysthymic states and depressive hypochondriac and cyclical nature in schizofrenici.

32_Diazepam (trade name Valium, Ansiolin, Tranquirit, Aliseum, Diazemuls, Noan, Micronoan, Valtran) indicated for: states of anxiety, tension, irritability, restlessness, sleep disorders, psychosomatic disorders on the basis of psycho-emotional, neurosis d 'organ, conduct disorder, depressive syndromes with agitation, were phobic, obsessive states, were hypochondriacs, were hysterical, muscle spasms orgine central and periferica.

33_Diazepam and isopropamide iodide (trade name Valtrax): Suitable for: Anxiety states, somatic gastrointestinal and cardiovascular disorders, psychomotor agitation, delirium tremens, bowel syndrome irritabile.

34_Difenidramina hydrochloride (trade name Aliserin): Suitable for: sonno.

35_Disulfiram disorders (trade name Etilox, Antause): Suitable for: Dissuefazione dall'etilismo .

36 _Dixirazina (trade name Esucos): Suitable for: neurovegetative dystonia, anxiety, nervous dyspepsia, cardiac functional, psycho-neuroses, depressions ansiose.

37_Dosulepina hydrochloride (trade name Protiaden): Suitable for: United depression, anxiety component in pathology depressiva.

38_Duloxetina hydrochloride (trade name Cymbalta, Xeristar): Suitable for: Major depressive episode, diabetic neuropathic pain periferico.

39_Escitalopram oxalate (trade name Cipralex, Entact): Suitable for: Major depressive episode, panic disorder with / without agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia .

40 _Escolzia Passionflower and Valerian (trade name Fitosonno): Suitable for: Erethism psychic, mild insomnia. (Recommended as a first attempt to cure) .

41 _Estazolam (trade name Esilgan): Suitable for: Insonnia.

42_Etizolam (trade name Depas, Pasaden): Suitable for: Member of anisa, somatic anxiety, insomnia, nervous disorders sonno.

43_Flufenazina decanoate (trade name Moditen, Depot): Suitable for: schizophrenia, manic symptoms, delusional and hallucinatory manifestations, confusion and antisocial behavior in chronic schizophrenia, maintenance treatment of psicosi.

44_Flufenazina dihydrochloride (trade name Anatensol): Suitable for: United agitation.

45_Flumazenil (trade name Aneate): Suitable for: Neutralization of the central sedative effects benzodiazepine.

46_Flunitrazepam (trade name Ropinol, Darkene, Vlasera): Suitable for: Insonnia.

47_Fluoxetina hydrochloride (trade name Prozac, Azur, Xeredien, Ibixetin, Fluorexen, Deprexen , Diesan, Flotina, Clexiclor, Cloriflox, Zafluox): Suitable for: depression, bulimia nervosa, obsessive-compulsivo.

48_Flurazepam (trade name Dalmadorm, Remdue, Flunox, Felison, Valdorm): Suitable for: All forms of insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, interrupted sleep, early awakening, insomnia associated with diseases croniche.

49_Fluvoxamina maleate (trade name Maveral, Dumirox, Fevarin): Suitable for: Major depressive episode, obsessive-compulsive disorder) .50 _Gabapentin (trade name Neurontin): Suitable for : Neuropathic pain, epilessia.

51_Idroxina hydrochloride (trade names Atarax): Suitable for: Anxiety States, allergic dermatitis including itching, agitation, preparation for surgery, post-operative dressings, systemic treatment of allergies, reactions to medications or transfusions .

52_Imipramina hydrochloride (trade name Tofranil): Suitable for: Endogenous depression, reactive depression, masked depression, neurotic depression, involutional depression, depression in the course of schizophrenic psychoses, depression in the course of severe neurological disease or other organic disease, depressive phase in psychosis manic-depressive disorder, enuresis adolescence .

53 _Iperico dry extract (trade name Nervaxon, Proseren, Quiens, Remotive): Suitable for: Depressive syndromes of mild and moderate. (Indicated by starting treatment for the first time).

54 _Ketazolam (trade name Anseren): Suitable for: Anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety / anxiety, agitation, restlessness, tensione.

55_Lamotrigina (trade name Lamictal) : Suitable for: epilepsies, preventing depressive episodes in trouble bipolare.56_ Levomepromazine maleate (trade name NOZINAN): Suitable for: schizophrenia, mania, toxic psychosis (LSD, amphetamines, cocaine, etc.)., paranoid states, organic syndromes mrntsli with delirium , severe anxiety disorders, resistant to therapy with anxiety, depression accompanied by agitation and delirium, pernicious vomiting, hiccups unremitting pain intensi.

57_Levosulpiride (trade name Levopraid): Suitable for: acute and chronic schizophrenia, somatoform disorders, endogenous depression, depression reattiva.

58_Litio carbonate (trade name Carbolithium): Suitable for: manic syndromes and hypomanic, manic-depressive psychosis, depression, chronic prophylaxis of recurrent manic and depressive states of excitement, depression, aggressive behavior, self-mutilating behavior, cluster headache , leucopenie from farmaci.

59_Lorazepam (trade name Ativan, Control, Loralin, Lorans, Zeloram): Suitable for: states of anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia, nervous depression ansiosa.

60_Lormetazepam (trade name Minias, Axilium, Mexylor, Luzul, Ipnolor ): Suitable for: Disorders of falling, disorders of continuity of sonno.

61_Maprotilina (trade name Ludiomil): Suitable for: depressive phase of manic-depressive disorder, endogenous depression, reactive depression, masked depression, neurotic depression, involutional depression, depression in the course of schizophrenic psychoses, depression in the course of neurological diseases or other diseases organiche.

62_Meprobamato (trade name Quanil): Suitable for: Anxiety, disease states accompanied by ansia.

63_Metadoxina (trade name Metadoxil): Suitable for: acute and chronic alcoholism, alcolica.

64_Metixene liver disease (trade name Tremaril): Suitable for: idiopathic Parkinsonism, post-encephalic parkinsonism, parkinsonism atherosclerotic syndromes parkinsonoidi in the course of treatment with neuroleptics, residual symptoms and sequelae in parkinsonian operated, tremor senile.

65_Mianserina (trade name Lantanon) : Suitable for: Endogenous depression, reactive depression, anxiety depression, depression associated with somatic complaints, melaconia involutiva.

66_Midazolam (trade name Ipnovel): Suitable for: surgical premedication, induction and maintenance of anesthesia .

67 _Mirtazapina (trade name Remeron): Indicated By: Episodes of depression maggiore.

68_Modafinil (trade name Provigil): Information for: narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea / hypopnea syndrome and sleepiness associated with esse.

69_Naloxone (trade name Narcan): Suitable for: acute poisoning by analgesics and narcotics.

70_Naltrexone (trade name Nalorex, Antraxone): Suitable for: Interruption to the pharmacological effects of exogenously administered opioids and maintenance of non-dependence oppiacei.

71_Niaprazina (trade name Nopron): Suitable for: sonno.

72_Nicotina disorders (brand name Nicorette , Niquitin): Suitable for: Coardiuvante in dissuefazione from smoke tabacco.

73_Nitrazepam (trade name: Mogadon): Suitable for: Insomnia, sleep disorders, difficulty falling asleep, interrupted sleep, awakening perecoce.

74_Nordazepam (trade name Madar night): Suitable for: sonno.

75 disorders: nortriptyline (brand name Noritren): Suitable for: Endogenous depression, reactive depression, senile depression, depressive neurosis, depressive reactions of schizofrenici.

76_Nortriptilina and fluphenazine (trade name Dominans strong): Suitable for: Coexistence of anxiety and depression, reactive depression, symptomatic depression, endogenous depression, anxiety component in the course of depression, psychosis neurasthenic, pricosi depressive-anxious, senile psychosis, psychosomatic disorders and somatopsychic, gastrointestinal, respiratory and genitourinari.

77_Octatropina methyl bromide and diazepam (trade name Valpinax): Suitable for: Abstinence from alcohol, anxiety, motor agitation, somatization gastroientestinali and cardiovascular bowel syndrome irritabile.

78_Olanzapina (trade name Zyprexa): Suitable for: schizophrenia, manic episode moderate to grave.

79_Orfenadrina hydrochloride (trade name Disipal): Suitable for: Parkinson's disease, neuroleptic extrapyramidal syndrome, sibdromi giddy, spastic contractures and painful muscle scheletrica.

80_Otilonio bromide and diazepam (brand name Spasmomen, Spasen): Suitable for: Abstinence from alcohol, were anxiety, somatization gastrointestinal and cardiovascular, psychomotor agitation, delirium tremens, irritabile.

81_Oxazepam bowel syndrome (trade name Serpax, Limbial): Suitable for: Anxiety states, tension, agitation, irritability, insonnia.

82_Oxcarbazepina (trade name Tolep): Suitable for : Epilessia.

83_Oxitriptano (trade name Tript): Suitable for: psychogenic depression, endogenous depression, involutional depression, migraine and vasomotor disease Parkinson.

84_Paroxetina (trade name Sereupin, Seroxat, Daparox, Eutimil, Stiliden): Suitable for: Episode Major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia, panic disorder with / without agoraphobia disorder, post-traumatic stress.

85_Passiflora (trade name passiflorine, Sedopuer): Suitable for: Erethism psychic, mild insomnia. (Natural Treatment)

86_Perfenazina (trade name Trilafon): Suitable for: schizophrenia, mania, toxic psychosis, paranoid states, organic mental syndromes accompanied by delirium, anxiety, severe and resistant to therapy with anxiety, depression accompanied by agitation and delirium, pernicious vomiting, intractable hiccups, pain intensi.Altri trade names of perphenazine: Mutabon anxiolytic, indicated for anxiety, tension, agitation and severe insomnia. Mutabon antidepressant indicated for anxiety, tension, agitation, masked depression and disorders psicosomatici. Mutabon strong, indicated for anxiety, tension, agitation, pisconeurotici disorders, psychosomatic disorders, menopausal syndrome, depression and anxiety in organic diseases, acute and chronic alcoholism, manic-depressive, schizophrenic reactions, involutional psychosis, sexual deviations, grave.Mutabon mild insomnia, indicated for mild anxiety, mild depression, insomnia grave.

87_Periciazina (trade name Neuleptil): Suitable for: Disorders of behavior during psychosis and chronic neurosis, character disorders in adults and children, states of excitement psicomotorio.

88_Pimozide (trade name Orap): Suitable for: maintenance therapy in chronic and acute psychosis, borderline cases between schizophrenic forms and shapes neurotic, paranoid states, schizoid states.

89_Pinazepam (trade name Domar): Suitable for: Anxiety, insonnia.

90_Prazepam (trade name Prazene, Trepidan): Suitable for: states of anxiety, tension, agitation, irritability, mood lability, psychoneurotic disorders, organic disorders, functional disorders psiconeurotiche ( organ neuroses) .

91 _Pregabalin (trade name Lyrica): Suitable for: Peripheral neuropathic pain, anxiety disorder generalizzato.

92_Promazina (trade name Talofen): Suitable for: schizophrenia, paranoid states, mania, toxic psychosis (amphetamines, LSD, cocaine, etc.), organic mental syndromes accompanied by delirium, severe anxiety disorders, resistant to therapy with anxiety, depression accompanied by agitation and delirium, pernicious vomiting, hiccups unremitting pain intensi.

93_Prometazina hydrochloride (trade name Farganesse): Suitable for: Allergic States , anaphylactic reactions, mild emotional disturbances; also referred to as a sedative hypnotic for sedation and induction of sonno.

94_Quetapina (tradename Seroquel): Suitable for: acute and chronic psychosis, schizophrenia, mania.

95_Reboxetina (trade name Endronax, Davedax): Suitable for: Depression maggiore.

96_Risperidone (name commercial Risperdal, Belivon): Suitable for: acute and chronic schizophrenic psychoses, affective symptoms associated with schizophrenia, manic episode in bipolare.

97_Sertralina disorder (trade names Zoloft, Tatig): Suitable for: Major depressive episode, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attacks Panic disorder with / without agoraphobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder in children and adolescents (aged 6 to 17 years), prevention of recurrent episodes depressivi.

98_Sodio glycerophosphate and valerian (trade name Glicerovalerovit): Indicated by: Erethism psychic insonnia.

99_Sodio valproate (trade name Depakote): Suitable for: Epilessia.

100_Sodio valproate and valproic acid (trade name Depakote chrono): Suitable for: Mania, epilessia.

101_Sulpiride (trade name Championyl, Dobren, Equilid): Recommended for: chronic and acute psychosis, dysthymia, anxiety-depressive psychoneurosis with cenestopatia and somatizzazione.

102_Temazepam (trade name Normison, Euipnos): Suitable for: Insonnia.

103_Tiapride (trade name Sereprile, Italprid): Suitable for: Involuntary movements (choreic in particular), paintings hyperkinetic type of functional syndromes cefalagiche different etiology, abnormal behavior with agitation and anxiety syndromes in acute and chronic alcoholic and the elderly, altered gastrointestinal motility, dyskinesias gastrointestinali.

104_Topiramato (brand name Topamax): Suitable for Epilepsy, migraine and migraine prophylaxis .

105 _Tranilcipromina and trifluoperazine (brand name Parnate): Suitable for: serious forms of depression, reactive depression resistant to shock-terapia.

106_Trazodone (trade name Triptych): Suitable for: depressive disorders with or without component anxious)

107_Triazolam (trade name Halcion, Songar): Suitable for: Insomnia (this is the most mild sedative between BDZ) .

108 _Triesifenidile hydrochloride (trade name Artane): Suitable for: Parkinson's disease, parkinsonian syndrome, neuroleptic extrapyramidal syndrome, syndromes giddy, spastic contractures and painful muscle scheletrica.

109_Trifluoperazina (trade name Modalina): Suitable for: Manifestations of psychotic disorders, anxiety and tension and agitation in the course of neurosis or somatizzazioni.

110_Trimebutina and Medazepam (trade name Debrum): Indicated by: Neurotic anxiety, somatization gastro-intestinali.

111_Trimipramina (trade name Surmontil): Suitable for: Depressive syndromes associated with anxiety, agitation and sleep disturbance; anxiety neurosis, phobic neurosis, hysterical neurosis, neurosis ossessiva.

112_Valeriana (trade name Valerian, Biocalm, Ticalma, Anevrasi, Dormiplant): Suitable for: Erethism psychic insonnia.

113_Valpromide (trade name Depamide): Shown as: adjuvant in states depressive and manic states of excitement; indicated for primary psychomotor agitation, psychomotor agitation secondary to toxic states and endogenous esogeni.

114_Venlafaxina (trade name Efexor, Faxine): Suitable for: All types of depression including depression accompanied by anxiety, ansia.

115_Veralipride (trade name Agradil): Suitable for: Hot flashes in menopausale.

116_Zopiclone syndrome (brand name Imovane): Suitable for: Insonnia.

117_Zolpidem (trade name Stilnox, Niotal, Nottem): Suitable for: Insonnia.

118_Zaleplon (trade name Sonata, Serene): Suitable for: Insomnia grave.119_ and zuclopenthixol acetate (trade name Clopixol acuphase): Suitable for: acute dissociative syndromes, manic psychosis, exacerbation of psychosis croniche.

120_Zuclopentixolo decanoate (trade name Clopixol Depot): Suitable for: dissociative syndromes acute and chronic paranoid syndromes and hallucinatory with anxiety, restlessness, hyperexcitability and psychomotor reactions affettive.

121_Zuclopentixolo dihydrochloride (trade name Clopixol): Suitable for: acute and chronic schizophrenia; syndromes with dissociative hallucinations, agitation, hostility, aggression, and affective disorders; manic phase of manic-depressive illness; organic mental syndromes (mental retardation, dementia) with delirium, psychomotor excitability, agitation.

Classification of anxiety disorders - DSM

This section includes the following disorders: Panic Disorder Without Agoraphobia, Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia, Agoraphobia Without History of Panic Disorder, Specific Phobia, Social Phobia, Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Acute Stress Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Anxiety Disorder Due to a General Medical Condition, Substance-Induced Anxiety Disorder and Anxiety Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Because in the context of many of these disorders are manifested Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia, the set of criteria for Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia are listed separately at the beginning of this sezione.Un Panic Attack is a discrete period during which there is a sudden onset of intense apprehension, fear or terror, often associated with a feeling of impending doom. During these attacks, symptoms such as shortness of breath, palpitations, chest pain or discomfort, feeling of choking or smothering, and fear of "going crazy" or losing controllo.L 'Agoraphobia is anxiety or avoidance, places or situations from which escape might be difficult (or embarrassing) or in which help may not be available in the event of an attack or panic-like symptoms panico.Il Panic Disorder Without Agoraphobia is characterized by recurrent unexpected Panic Attacks, about which there is a persistent concern. Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia is characterized by both recurrent unexpected Panic Attacks that Agorafobia.L 'Agoraphobia Without History of Panic Disorder is characterized by the presence of Agoraphobia and panic-like symptoms without a history of Panic Attacks inaspettati.La Specific Phobia is characterized by clinically significant anxiety provoked by exposure to a feared object or situation, often leading to evitamento.La Social Phobia is characterized by clinically significant anxiety provoked by exposure to certain types of situations or of performance social, often leading to evitamento.Il Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is characterized by obsessions (which cause marked anxiety or distress) and / or compulsions (which serve to neutralize anxiety). Disorder Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is characterized by revive an extremely traumatic event accompanied by symptoms of increased arousal and by avoidance of stimuli associated with the trauma.Il Acute Stress Disorder is characterized by symptoms similar to those of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder that occur immediately following an event extremely traumatico.Il Generalized Anxiety Disorder is characterized by at least 6 months of persistent anxiety and worry and eccessive.Il Anxiety Disorder Due to a General Medical Condition is characterized by symptoms of anxiety deemed relevant direct physiological consequence of a general medical condition . the Substance-Induced Anxiety Disorder is characterized by symptoms of anxiety deemed relevant direct physiological consequence of a drug of abuse, a medication, or exposure to a tossina.Il Anxiety Disorder Not Otherwise Specified is included for coding disorders with anxiety or phobic avoidance that do not meet the relevant criteria for any specific anxiety disorder defined in this section (or anxiety symptoms about which information is available inadequate or contradictory.) Because the Separation Anxiety Disorder ( characterized by anxiety related to separation from parents) usually occurs in childhood, is included in the section "Disorders Usually First Diagnosed in Infancy Volta, in childhood or adolescence." The phobic avoidance limited to genital sexual contact with a sexual partner is classified as Sexual Aversion Disorder and is included in the section "sexual and gender identity disorders".

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