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The most subtle trap in which we often fall without realizing it, as if it were a mess, is that we're used to seeing things in terms of others and not ourselves! In order to vindicate these words just think of all those people who once were sn children, in a family demoralizing and distracted, I would say no, have grown up with the following deficits: insecurity, low self-esteem, lack of ability to socialize, loneliness, depression, anxiety, inferiority complexes, shrouds of abandonment, mistrust in the family or marriage, fear of having a family, afraid to open it with the other for fear of being judged, lack of commitment in managing their lives, low ambitions as a result lack of confidence in themselves, do not add the auto-removal of dreams and desires that normally have to young people, but which, unfortunately, tends to give up for the settling of the conviction that we are nobody, to be a person inconclusive and incapace.L 'lack of attention, listening, dialogue and support for the family to their children is a veritable killing machine that claims victims every day. Think of panic attacks (DAP): one of the causes of DAP is that it has had great psychological trauma. Eg. There are families in which the children are the parents' anxieties downloading it to them on using them as an outlet. These then grow anxious and full of complex, dependent on the psychologist to the end of Liro days or until their youth if they are not eaten medications and concerns and, worst of all, even at the age of 30-plus years, can not get away from mom. Remember a little 'Stockholm syndrome! To these people I would say: Well done parents that you are! Alle poor innocent victims instead say: "Believe in yourselves! Trust you! Do you love what you are! Ambite the freedom that is an asset that is priceless! Do not be put down by the problems that are shorter life. Or do you perhaps make them immortal and give him the power to ossessionasti forever? Di reach you wherever you are? You do not have to remember what has no right to exist and to give you the torment! Because if you remember, the dates importance it does not deserve to have! worth perhaps vital suffering? worth it matter the pain, resentment? If you do not try hard feelings maybe hurt yourself? Sure XKE you try it! Is it right would fill d 'hate, rehashing torture? Certainly not! XKE so would put the past in front of this and this obscures our future and this would destroy a happy! Try to give value to what he deserves! Freedom! Respect! Love ! affection! Dreams! Fill dreams! never stop dreaming and have curiosity and desire to play. This applies to any age you have! Sometimes life ends without that you have to understand these things. O when you have understood, one realizes that it is too tardi.Fate good, defend your personality and do not destroy that of those around you, especially if you are a parent. respecting And you can be sure that next, they will come back to you, follow your advice and shall put their trust in you! Think about what is the confidence today! Today confidence is priceless!

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