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Acquire information and documentation on drugs is a big problem for:

-Huge amount of information
Continuous-becoming of information
-Literature in English
-The need for independence of the information
-The need for quality information

E 'therefore important to have appropriate sources of drug information.

Types of sources of drug information:

1. Primary sources

2. Secondary sources

3. Tertiary sources

Primary sources

- Provide original scientific articles in full

- They report details of preclinical and clinical studies, allowing you to assess whether the study's conclusions are appropriate
- They are necessary when you want to learn all the details of a scientific article published
- There are about 30,000 biomedical journals
- Obviously access individual articles takes time
- Most of them are in English

Among the most important scientific journals in the field of drug distinguish content primarily those in preclinical and clinical content.

The main preclinical magazines are:
• European Journal of Pharmacology
• Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
• Neuropharmacology
• Neuropsychopharmacology
• Psychopharmacology
• British Journal of Pharmacology

Among the most 'important in the clinical field we have:

- The Lancet


- New England Journal of Medicine (

- British Medical Journal
E 'can access the journals through UNICAM:
Click University
Go to Properties-Libraries

-The Lancet
- Available at UNICAM in network
University since 1995

-New England Journal of Medicine
- Partially open access by the website editor:
- Available articles published 6 months before
- And 'necessary registration

Partly-free access:
articles available if published 12 months before
-It 's necessary registration

- British Medical Journal
- Partially open access:
available articles published a year before
-No need to register

- Journal of Chemotherapy

- Pharmacotherapy

How to cover the period of unavailability?
And 'possible to contact the library
Department of Experimental Medicine and Public Health of Camerino, which can acquire article

Annals of Pharmacotherapy
-Available in Library School of Specialization in Hospital Pharmacy. The magazine features:
Research reports
Case reports
Review articles

Among the most important in the field pharmacoeconomic:

-Available at the Library of the School of Specialization in Hospital Pharmacy
-Italian version of Pharmacoeconomics

Full-text articles: how to find them??

Articles in extenso are increasingly obtainable on-line version atramite internet.
E 'can be downloaded
•-when there are subscription of the university that pays for the provision of articles in full-text.
•-when the magazine is provided free of charge to potential users.

In our university, under the agreement that adheres CASPUR our university, there are many online magazines of the following publishers:
• Elsevier
• Blackwell
• Academic Press

Articles in full text can also be found on:

Secondary sources:

- Provide abstract help locate the primary sources. With the abstract you have brief information contained in the article.

- The indices provide only bibliographic references on the topic.

- The secondary sources have the advantage of being easily updated and therefore are generally very updated

-They are not very useful in the case of subjects with enormous literature

-They are essential in experimental research

-They are useful for tracking clinical trials

The most 'important secondary source is currently on:


Is the on-line version of the Index Medicus. It covers about 3000 journals, and 'available for free on the Internet at the web address: / PubMed / medline.html

Other secondary sources:

(Available on CD and on the Internet)

-Iowa Drug Information Service (available in "microfiche" and CD-ROM provides indices for drugs and diseases)
-Also offers many full-text articles
Non-marketed in Italy

(Short abstracts and references)

reported adverse drug reactions with references. E 'on written text, CD-ROMs and the Internet

Tertiary sources:

These sources of information provide "overview" of various kinds, in an accessible form rather quickly


1. Database
The databases provide quite comprehensive information on individual compounds. They update level that differs greatly between them. Are available at the library of the Department of Experimental Medicine and Public Health.

• Martindale
Provides information on individual drugs. E 'in English. It is updated every 3-4 years.

• Yearbook of drugs
Provides information on individual drugs. E 'in Italian. Is not updated regularly.

• Micromedex
Is the tertiary source of information on individual drugs most complete and updated.
E 'is available on CD and on the Internet.
It 'very expensive annual subscription.
Currently, our faculty has activated your subscription and all students can use

• Meyler's, side effects of drugs
The discussion is organized by type of effect
unwanted. It 'available at Unicam

• Drug Interactions (Stockley)
Covers in detail of drug interactions describing:
-Clinical significance
-Mechanism of
-Management of the interaction

• Interactions between drugs (Garattini)

2. Review articles.

The articles may provide

a) general overview or
b) meta-analysis. These provide analysis of the primary literature.

We can find review articles on:

-Pharmacological reviews
-Drugs (Monthly Review)
-Drug Safety (Reviews with many bibliographical notes)

We can find review articles on:
-Bulletins Information on medications such as:

(In Italian)
• Dialogue on drugs
• Research and Practice
• Information on drugs
• Medical letter
• Treatment guidelines
• Information Bulletin on drugs
• Bulletin SIFO

(In foreign language)
• Adverse drug reaction bulletin
• Therapeutic Drug Bulletin
• Reveu Prescrire

3. Textbooks
Address topics of various nature,
Generally do not deal sufficiently individual drugs.
They have a few references.
They are often not updated recently.

a. Textbook of Clinical Pharmacology very good:

-Pharmacotherapy: A pathophysiologic Approach
J.T. Dipiro et al (Eds)
Appleton and Lange;
Stanford, Connecticut, USA

-Drug benefits and risks: International textbook of clinical pharmacology
Eds: van Boxtel, Santoso, Edwards

b. Textbook of Internal Medicine
Principles of Internal Medicine
Author: Harrison

c. Textbook of topic specific
Hospital Infections
Author: Moro

4. Drug and summarizes data sheets
Are generally available from the manufacturer

5. Sources on the Internet:

Increasingly, drug information is available on the websites, but attention to the reliability of the sites. It 'must be selected.

a. Sites of Agencies and Organizations:
It 's the site of the EMEA, the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal
It 's the site of the Food and Drug Administration, the agency that deals with drugs in the U.S..
Are the sites of AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) \ for drug information
It 's the site of the World Health Organization (WHO)
It 's the site of the Italian Society of Pharmacology for Pharmacovigilance. E 'in Italian. It 'freely accessible.
It 's the site of the Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacy
It 's the site of the Mario Negri

b. Sites for guidelines in the medical field:
Site for guidelines in the therapeutic field. And 'edited by the ISS:
It 's the site of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence English
It 's the site of the National Guideline Clearinghouse. Contains guidelines in treatment in the United States.

c. Sites for clinical trials:
The site provides information on the results of clinical trials. It 'treated NIH-American.
These are pay sites, it is necessary to subscribe. The Cochrane Library is one of the most authoritative sources of information on clinical trials.
Provides results of clinical trials. It 'a free site provided by AdisInsight

d. Sites for information of various kinds on drugs / reserved.htm
Sites of drug information (mostly administrative and technical). It 'a site for a fee.

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