Instead of suicide, I suggest something better!

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Instead of suicide, I suggest something better!

Post  counselor on Sun Sep 02, 2012 12:23 am

As the title suggests, suicide I propose something better! Ie, rediscover yourself.
The reasons that make you think of suicide are mostly caused by the loss of identity.
We often cling to despair, because it was too stunned by this to see the many ways out around us.
The loss of identity can result from many factors. For example, when you find yourself having nothing for the hands: neither use nor commitments, no hobby, no dialogue, no friends. So when you see that you are not building anything. And then you fall into the trap of thinking that if you do not have built anything, then that is not nothing!
I believe that no one likes to remain static. So to hear that you're not going anywhere, it makes us feel powerless. Depressed. And when you no longer see a future, you also lose interest in your ass that we created or pleasure it was for us an outlet, like watching movies, listening to music or eating. If you stop taking pleasure even for the little things, you get sick of depression. And if we begin to think that we spend a lifetime in such conditions, you may also believe to be smart to cut ties with the existence on the spot!

That said, I want to tell you that if you ran into a similar trap, leave is NOT impossible despite appearances! We need to find Hope and Strength to get up! You have reached the bottom? Well from the bottom you can not help but get up!

The force will not have to buy it. You do not have elemosinarla around! YOU HAVE THE POWER YOU EC! You have it in! Only that you wake up from laziness where you fall. The human being has a brain with unlimited resources. It takes very little to recover. Just regain confidence in themselves, to be able to cope with the forces and energies. Yeah, ENERGY is the key word. You need energy. You are absolutely capable of producing energy just as the body fails to produce heat through the basal metabolism.

If you feel too lonely and understand that not make it, then find someone who is of your chest vents. Someone or something. Something like a forum, which can be this here or others that you will find on Google. Are all okay, as long as you talk! And facades speak out everything you feel.
You will see that will help you, because it helps to talk FOREVER!

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